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Friday, July 9, 2010

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel ARC Review

  Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Incredible! Love the spin on this vampire story!! My favorite quote from this book was when Justin was comparing Lenah turning human after being a ruthless vampire to bungee jumping. He says "You're standing there on a bridge and you know you're about to do something supremely stupid. But you do it, anyway. You have to. To feel something. Because doing something that crazy is better than just standing around living life with all your mistakes and stupid responsibilities. You jump because you have to, because you have to feel that rush. You know you'll lose your mind if you don't."
Just incredible writing! Beautiful and poetic at times. This will be a must read for anyone!

I won this book in a contest/giveaway posted by Eileen Rothschild on Goodreads.
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Lady Q said...

Hopping over to say hi! I really want to read this one! Seems like everyone in the blogosphere managed to score a copy except me! Feel free to stop by Let Them Read Books anytime!

Linna (21 ♡ pages) said...

I want to read this so badly, and the cover first caught my eye, for sure. That passage... It really got to me. Incredible writing is such a joy to discover. Thanks for the review!