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Monday, August 30, 2010

Review: The Innocent by Posie Graeme-Evans

First Copyright Date: 2005
Type of Book: Historical Fiction
ISBN No. 0-7432-7222-6

Book Description:
The year is 1450, a dangerous time in medieval Britain. Civil unrest is at its peak and the legitimacy of the royal family is suspect. Meanwhile, deep in the forests of western England, a baby is born. Powerful forces plot to kill both mother and child, but somehow the newborn girl survives. Her name is Anne.
Fifteen years later, England emerges into a fragile but hopeful new age, with the charismatic young King Edward IV on the throne. Anne, now a young peasant girl, joins the household of a wealthy London merchant. Her unusual beauty provokes jealousy, lust, and intrigue, but Anne has a special quality that saves her: a vast knowledge of healing herbs. News of her extraordinary gift spreads, and she is called upon to save the ailing queen. Soon after, Anne is moved into the palace, where she finds her destiny with the man who will become the greatest love of her life -- the king himself. 

Before I even start I will say that this is heavy on the fiction side. You read minimal about the big events that happened and mainly about the love story of Edward and Anne.That is okay, it was a decent story. A little tough to get into it but after the first few chapters the story unraveled rather well.

Anne's knowledge of healing herbs brings her to the attention of Queen Elizabeth. Dame Jehanne is in charge of the queen's body servants.  Jehanne does not know at this time that Anne is the child that she helped bring into this world (won't spoil who Anne's parents are for you). Queen Elizabeth is portrayed as a cold and mean woman to her servants (first time that I have read a description about her that is unfavorable) but very devoted and loving to her husband. King Edward finds himself in love with Anne but after Anne finds out who her parents were she knows that it can never be. But of course, eventually she gives in but then has to flee for her own safety. Edward and Anne's relationship is like an yo-yo. I did get wrapped up in it wondering when they would finally give in to temptation. So many times it was SO close! The ending leaves it wide open for the next book and I won't give away the reason why...:)

Nothing too exciting in this book but is a good story. Book is not a keeper on my historical fiction shelf but I will read the next one.

2 of 5 Stars
**book personally purchased by me**