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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review: Wild Evolution & Wild Justice by C. Fern Cook

by C. Fern Cook
First Copyright Date: 2009
Type of Book: YA Horror?
ISBN No. 144140564X

When Dan defends his livestock against a wild dog attack, he is put in a 'kill or be killed' battle. When he takes the head of a wild dog in to be tested for rabies he discovers he has the head of a human male instead of a wild dog. Now he is forced to cover up a self-defense killing because no one would believe he killed a wild dog when he has a human head. A werewolf by contamination, Dan's life spins out of control. All his senses are heightened including his passion for the wild. His passion for the wild compels him to try to stop a new housing development that threatens the local wildlife from loss of habitat, but things don't go according to plans and now he has a second body to dispose of.

Wild Justice: Book 2 of the Wild Series (Volume 2)  
by C. Fern Cook
First Copyright Date: 2010
Type of Book: YA Horror?
ISBN No. 1451507496

In book #1 of the Wild Series, Wild Evolution, Colorado rancher Dan Tucker's life is turned upside-down. After surviving a mutant canine attack, Dan discovers the animal he killed is not a wild dog, but a man. To protect himself even though it was a self-defense killing, he covers up the murder. With his quiet life as bachelor rancher transformed into a constant battle of wits to keep his deep, dark secret safe, Dan finds himself at odds with everyone, including his girlfriend and his former best friend - and most of all, himself. In book #2 of the Wild Series, Wild Justice, we find Dan worrying about keeping his nocturnal life a secret as his wedding gets closer. He soon discovers that's the least of his worries...

Dan Tucker is attacked but what looks like a mutant canine but is actually a "skinwalker" or werewolf. After this transformation his reactions to everyday emotions becomes more heightened. His attraction to Angela becomes more apparent. His dislike for his neighbor who abuses his dog turns to hate, especially after he subdivides his property for big city folks to move onto. Dan's best friend Deputy Tony Ramirez starts to become suspicious of him when his neighbor disappears.

In the second book Dan is on a quest to build a nature preserve on his old neighbors property that he purchased. He marries Angela but has to hide what he really is. After suffering a tragic accident his wife sells their recently acquired property next door to Kyle and Cathy Eckhert. Kyle starts a hunting preserve but the game used are retired bears from the circus and he uses dogs to attack and weaken the bear before the hunter shoots it. Of course this doesn't fly with Dan. Dan sets Kyle's death up to look like an accident.

Really not sure if Dan is a good guy or just an overzealous tree hugger who kills off anyone that steps on a flower. But seriously, storyline is original but the writing is a little rough and needs some fine tuning. There are some pretty gruesome scenes but I was genuinely impressed with the overall story. Besides a few typos (which I would expect in an ARC but not in published work) it was a good read. I do look forward to reading book 3 to see how Ms. Cook's writing style progresses and also how Dan and Angela's story grows.

3 of 5 Stars
**book was provided to me by the author for an honest review**