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Thursday, March 17, 2011

ARC Review: The Vampire Voss by Colleen Gleason

Series: The Regency Draculia #1
Publisher: MIRA
Publication Date: March 22, 2011
Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance**

This story takes us into the world of the Draculia. Draculia bear the mark of Lucifer. They have been chosen specifically by Lucifer and will be called upon when they are needed. All of the Draculias are a result of Vlad Tepes's desire to rule Romania with an iron fist. This story centers around Voss and Angelica.

Dimitri, the Earl of Corvindale (Draculia) has just become the guardian of his friend, Chas Woodmore, sisters. Chas is a human (and a vampire hunter). Two of the sisters have the gift of sight. The youngest sister, Sonia, decided to go into the convent and the other sister, Angelica, has embraced this ability and uses it to help others. She is able to see when a person is going to die. This is most valuable to certain vampires, one of which is Voss (good guy...kind of) and Cezar Moldavi (bad vamp).

Angelica has lived her entire life with the knowledge of when people will die. She is very strong because of it and feels that she was blessed with this. She actually doesn't even notice Voss first (what a hit to his ego) but instead notices his friend because she had seen his friend die in her dream (which she has never had before, she usually has to touch an article to see her vision) and she wanted to warn him. When she does finally notice Voss, she is intrigued. She wants to know his secrets.

Voss, Lord Dewhurst (a Draculia also) has returned after being away in the America's to maintain the illusion that he is the heir of the elder Lord Dewhurst returning to claim his inheritance. Unfortunately one of the many downsides to being immortal is this relocating nearly every three decades along with all the lies and halftruths. Voss is a man of information. His entire pre-Draculia life was in collecting and using information and now that he is immortal it is even more vital to know certain things about other immortals. One of things he has made his goal to figure out is every Draculia's Asthenia (vulnerability). Each Draculia has one thing that causes them great pain and great weakness. Voss's is hyssop and Dimitri's is rubies (interesting, huh). From what I understood the first thing that a newly made Draculia sees after waking up is what their weakness will be.

Voss and Dimitri have a tumultuous past. Dimitri has sworn off all the delights of what being Draculia encompasses and Voss embraces it. Dimitri and Voss had a run in nearly hundred years ago and Dimitri has not forgiven him for it at all. Voss must get his hands on Angelica. When he does, he knows he is in trouble. He wants more then to use her for her abilities, he wants to possess her fully. He knows that he can't do this to her and must walk away or he will only hurt her (very unusual for him).

Moldavi has no such qualms. He kidnaps her and tortures her trying to get her to use her powers to help him. Voss steps in and saves her but he also nearly destroys her because he gives in to his urges with her. Dimitri is furious and forbids Voss to ever see her again. But Voss has just found the secret on a way to be with Angelica without destroying her and can't wait to get back to her!

Some very unique twists to the typical vampire love story. Angelica is a very forward blunt woman for her time and her older sisters ability to get under Dimitri's skin is just hilarious! In my opinion it was okay. When I finished nothing made me think WOW but it also wasn't disappointing. I love historical and I love paranormal books so this was a nice mixture of both. I am looking forward to reading Dimitre's story in the next book.



*E-ARC was provided by publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.


Jenny said...

This was one I was really excited about, too bad it wasn't a WOW. Despite that though, the characters sound interesting, and maybe Dimitri's book will be a little better:)