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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway The Conduct Series

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Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Format: review copy 
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Jerry Stone signed wearily as he reviewed the list of parolees on his schedule.

Jerry Stone is going to get more than he bargain for. At 54 he has thought he has seen it all until two parolees enter his door and changes his life. Sophie Taylor went to prison after being duped by a man she thought she loved, who coincidentally was her patient. Sophie was a psychiatrist and now is court ordered herself to see one. Right away we feel that Sophie is a very timid character who only went to prison on a technicality and didn’t want to raise her voice and tell what really happened. She has lived in shame for what she did and still feels the stigma of being a convict. She even is unable to face her father, who would be able to help her if she would just ask.

Grant Madsen has lived with the stigma of being part of a Mafia family. Even though he wanted out and was doing his best to avoid his family he ended up drawn back in and was arrested for a robbery gone wrong. Now that he is out, his family wants to get his claws into him. He wants to stay away but all he can think about is his nephew who needs him to show the way just like Grant’s uncle did for him. After arriving at his parole officer’s office he runs into Sophie and is immediately attracted to her. But is it a good idea? Grant’s character is extremely hard on himself and he is always second guessing himself. Sometimes you just want to yell at him to be a man until you read about his horrible childhood. Then you just want to hold him and tell him it will be okay.

Unbeknownst to Grant and Sophie, they have more in common than just being ex-convicts. Once secrets are revealed both their lives fall into a tailspin and working together may be the only way these two will find the strength to start their lives over. All in all this was a good read and enjoyable. At times it was predictable but it had the right amount of romance mixed with suspense to keep a reader’s attention. All the characters were well defined and I loved how the gruff parole officer and the crabby ship captain both help these two parolees.




After surviving the rigors of writing a psychology dissertation, the author known as Jennifer Lane has happily turned to writing fiction. She still maintains her psychology practice in Ohio, but please rest assured that she's not psychoanalyzing you right now. The tales of healing and resilience from her career have inspired her to write her own stories: The Conduct Series. With Good Behavior began with two cons trying to make it on the outside: running from the Mafia, joking about sexy vegetables, and just maybe falling in love. Bad Behavior, the next in line, reveals that it's not so easy to escape the past, but the plucky parolees once again strive to persevere. Jen is currently at work on the third and final installment of the series: On Best Behavior. She's found that whether writing or reading, she loves stories that make her laugh and cry. In her spare time Jen enjoys competitive swimming, attending book club, and hanging out with her sisters and their families in Chicago.

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Jennifer Lane said...

Wonderful review, Kelsey! I liked how you started from Jerry's perspective. These parolees do rock his world, poor guy. ;) Grant is definitely not an alpha male and I'm glad you appreciated how his background influenced that. But I plan to show him growing in strength throughout the series (as well as Sophie). Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for participating. :)

Debra Anastasia said...

This is a great read for the holidays! Thanks for highlighting it Kelsey.

ArtemisG said...

I loved your review! Thank you for the giveaway.

Cherie Colyer said...

This books sound like a great read! Thanks for sharing your review :)

Jennifer Lane said...

Did you get a new design for your blog, Kelsey? I really love it! Hope you have great holidays during your hiatus.

Unknown said...

@Jennifer-Yes I did get a new design (will post about it soon) as a little Christmas gift to myself!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and the kind words about my review..:D

Sophia Rose said...

I cannot wait to read this series and learn what lead up to these guys meeting each other outside of Jerry's door and what will happen to them.

CarolOates said...

Great review, I really enjoyed this book.

Jenny P said...

Great review. The more I read about this book, the more I want to read it.