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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be MIA the next week for several reasons.

1) going on a little mini vacation (no not somewhere warm but I will be hanging out by the pool!); 
2) life has gotten really busy since starting my Jordan Essentials business and I need time to play catch up; 
3) I have started to become very critical about writing reviews and have not been happy with the last few I have written. I want to take time and make them better!; 
4) I have several reviews to write yet and just need time to sit down and do it!; and
5) We are in the process of selling out house so I want to schedule as many posts ahead of time as possible in case of that dreaded MOVING part happens and I will be without internet!!

It seems that my vacation in December wasn't put to as much use as it should have been! Hope everyone understands and I will be monitoring the site but there won't be any posts until next week!! Thanks to you ALL!!


erin said...

Best of luck to you and I hope that you get the time you need. Everyone deserves time to step back and take a breather, although yours looks like it'll be a "working" breather :)