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Monday, March 12, 2012

Review: Secrets by Aris Whittier

image from author's blog
Publish Date: 2012
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Format: Digital Review
Source: Author
“What’s your name?”

Ashley Dawson is use to waking up to spirits but this certain spirit is different. This spirit, named Sara, manifests and wants Ashley to visit a man named Nathaniel Marshall. Ashley is instantly drawn into the mystery that is surrounding this spirit and wants to help Sara immediately. She finds out that Nathaniel was Sara’s husband and Sara wants her to help Nathaniel heal. This is one hard job to do when Nathaniel is not about to believe Ashley’s bizarre explanation.

Nathaniel was devastated when his wife passed away and has never fully recovered. Now that a curvy, vivacious woman has shown up on his doorstep saying that his dead wife has sent her to heal him, Nathaniel really thinks he has gone crazy. But maybe, what happened to his wife wasn’t an accident and that is what Sara is trying to say. By bringing Ashley into the picture the truth will come to light but at what price? Will Nathaniel lose Ashley too at the hands of someone hell bent on revenge?

The beginning is hauntingly good and continues its pace throughout. Whittier weaves characters from her previous book and continues the intense emotions all the way to the end. I do have to say that the tidbit about her friend’s boyfriend was predictable but I am thinking there might be another story coming out with those two.