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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Days of Vengeance by Tim Kizer

Publish Date: January 2, 2012
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Format: Review E-Copy
Source: Author

The note read: “Dear Frank, I know you killed your wife, and I can prove it.

Frank wakes up after being in a coma and must now try to figure out what happened to his wife and his daughter. When his wife’s “relatives” show up and encourage him to remember, Frank knows something is up. He does have strong sense he murdered his wife, but why? And where is his daughter? Working out everything in his head, he must remember because he feels that his wife’s relatives are hiding a very deep, dark secret that they do not want anyone to know about.

When I started reading the book, I was hooked. I liked the feel of something very dark is about to come forth at any moment. Muddling thru confusing chapters after confusing chapters, I found myself wondering if the storyline was ever going to move forward. The curiosity of who Frank’s in-laws are kept me reading and I am pleased I finished the story. The ending astounded me and also had me wondering if maybe, just maybe, the entire book was written as well as the last 25%, I would have definitely given this book a five-star rating. Unfortunately having to wade thru Frank’s constant repeating himself and the ever changing point of views made Days of Vengeance just an okay read for me.