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Monday, August 27, 2012

Author Interview: D.L. Bogdan

I would like to welcome D.L. Bogdan to Kelsey's Book Corner. She was nice enough to answer a few questions about her books and writing in general. She has written one of my fav Tudor novels so far this year, The Sumerton Women (my review is HERE).
Why did you become a writer? What writers inspire you?
I never looked at it as a choice. I have loved writing since I could hold a pen, and wrote my first story when I was a little girl about the animals in a picture that hung at my grandmother’s house. I since found a story in everything and a compulsion for telling them. I love sweeping sagas and heart wrenching narrative with emotionally charged drama, so I was drawn to John Steinbeck, Margaret Mitchell, Jean Plaidy, and Fred Mustard Stewart, to name a few.

Do you enjoy writing about historical figures as you did in your Tudor Court books, or creating your own characters, as in THE SUMERTON WOMEN?
Both have their challenges and advantages. I enjoy the blank slate of creating my own characters, of knowing that they are completely mine to do with what I like. In that they can illustrate the impact of historical events surrounding them in a manner I feel represents people in the context of their time period. But I also enjoy breathing life into historical figures formerly constrained to wooden references in history texts. We know what they did, but not necessarily who they were. It was fun and fascinating for me to try to uncover that and make them real to a contemporary audience.

What drew you to the Tudor era? Why did you choose more obscure Tudor characters in your fiction to date?
It was a time rife with intrigue, peopled with larger-than-life historical figures that never cease to inspire the imaginations of generations. Ruled by their flaws and their passions, their stories almost write themselves. I chose my characters in the hopes of telling a now-familiar story through a more original window and to illustrate some of the other fascinating players beyond the “main cast” of Henry VIII’s court.

What is your next novel about?
My next novel, THE FORGOTTEN QUEEN, is about Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots, who was Henry VIII’s sister. It is set for release in February of 2013. I’ll be very excited to share my interpretation of her with the world!

What is your favorite historical era?
History lends itself to so many fascinating stories and people that it would be impossible to choose just one era. I love the Tudor era, of course, but also the 19th and early 20th centuries, and European history in general.

Where can we learn more about you and your works?
You can find me at or at my blog at I am also on facebook and twitter @DL_Bogdan. 

D.L Bogdan is a history major, aiming for a master’s so that she might lecture one day. She is also a musician with classical voice training who has been playing keyboards and singing in bands since she was 18. She also enjoys reading, traveling, summer activities, spending time with family and friends, and researching her next novel! She makes her home in central Wisconsin.
Orphaned at age eight, Lady Cecily Burkhart becomes the ward of Harold Pierce, Earl of Sumerton. The charming Lord Hal and his wife, Lady Grace, immediately welcome sweet-natured Cecily as one of their own. With Brey, their young son, Cecily develops an easy, playful friendship. But their intensely devout daughter, Mirabella, is consumed by her religious vocation--and by her devotion to Father Alec Cahill, the family priest and tutor.

With Father Alec as her closest confidant, Cecily begins to glimpse the painful secrets at the heart of the Pierce family. When tragedy strikes at home, and Henry VIII's obsession with Anne Boleyn leads to violent upheaval across England, Mirabella is robbed of her calling and the future Cecily dreamed of is ripped away in turn. As Cecily struggles to hold together the fractured household, she and Alec also grapple with a dangerous mutual attraction. Plagued with jealousy, Mirabella unleashes a tumultuous chain of events that threatens to destroy everyone around her. For with treachery and suspicion rampant, desire has the power to shatter a family--and tear a kingdom apart. . .