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Monday, September 10, 2012

ARC Review: Desire the Night by Amanda Ashley

Publisher: Zebra
Release Date: August 28, 2012
Format: ARC
Source: publisher for an honest review

(may differ from final copy)
Gideon Marquet stared into the darkness, his limbs aching from the weight of the heavy silver chains that shackled his ankles to the thick cement wall behind him.
Gideon has been held captive in a witch’s basement for many years. Verah uses his 600 year old vampire blood for money and to keep her youth. To keep Gideon alive, Verah throws him a human every now and then. Gideon struggles with having to kill these humans because this is not want he wants but he has no is either feed or die. Kiya Alissano, aka Kay, is taken captive after a night out and wakens up in Gideon’s cage. After the first sip, Gideon knows that Kay I different. Kay is a half-breed werewolf and his key to getting out.

After escaping, they go into hiding from the witch. Kay finally divulges that she is the Shadow Packs Alpha’s daughter and that she has to return home to her arranged marriage to Victor Rinaldi. Gideon isn’t happy with this since he is in love with Kay but knows that he must let her do this for her own protection. Verah will continue to hunt them and the only safe place would be with her pack.

The Shadow Pack secured Kay’s marriage to help strengthen the pack. Unfortunately, Victor has ulterior motives to marrying Kay (and it isn’t because he loves her). When Kay finally decides she is going to run off with Gideon, Victor kidnaps Kay with the blessing of her father and the marriage is pushed through.

There is a lot going on in the book. Gideon and Kay are very similar in that they have a weakness for humans. They want to protect not harm them. You also are aware of Kay’s parents tumultuous marriage that ends in tragedy that will break your heart because even thought Kay didn’t understand why her human mother stayed with her overbearing father, she comes to understand the depth of love she has for Kay.

Ashley’s books are the standard vampire romance. Here vampires are always the old fashioned type and her werewolves in this book are the typical domineering pack mentality. I felt that Gideon and Kay didn’t have much chemistry to begin with and it seemed very superficial with him buying her love and romancing her that way. Kay, who is a virgin and not happy about an arranged marriage obviously just fell for the first man that can offer her something other than the pack. Plot lines were predictable but enjoyable making Desire the Night and easy, fast read.