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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book Review: Blessed by a Demon's Mark by @ES_Moore

Series: Kat Redding, #3
Publication Date: December 31, 2012
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher

In Moore’s third installment of his Kat Redding series, we find Kat hiding in Delai. She hopes by being here that she will overcome her compulsion to feed. Kat still does not like what she is or her kind. Unfortuneatly her demon’s mark that she wears is pulling her back into the real world. She must answer for the favor she asked of the crazy demon Beligral.

Back in the “real world” Kat is faced with a lot of people looking for her. The vampire Countess Baset and the hunky werewolf Adrian in particular. She also comes home to a new roommate and her old roommate’s new affiliation with the Luna Cult. One thing she discovers is that Delai is not what she thought it was. There is strange magic and she needs to break all ties as soon as possible. Kat wants to but there is a little girl there that needs saving. So even though she fulfills her first demon’s mark she decides to take on another one to save the little girl.

Kat has her major issues that haven’t been resolved or looking to be resolved anytime soon. Storylines go every which way and the reader finds that Kat has a lot on her plate and it is no wonder she doesn’t know which way to go. At times I didn’t like how Kat treated but I guess you can be a bit of b*tch if you have all these things being thrown at you at once.

I still love this series even thought this installment let me down a bit. Definitely recommend reading from the first book, To Walk the Night.



DISCLOSURE: I received this book from the publisher at no charge and in no way influenced my review.