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Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Wild Legacy by C. Fern Cook

Publication Date: September 23, 2010
Rating: 3 STARS

Wild Legacy: Book III of the Wild Series (Volume 3)

Book provided by author for an honest review. 
I received no compensation and my opinions are my own. 

SUMMARY (from back cover)

Dan Tucker's passion for the wildlife runs through the veins of his offspring, but his curse also courses through the veins of his child. Only he knows why his child is different from all the other children.

Like every parent, Dan is challenged with teaching his child how to fit into this world. In Dan's case the dilemma is taken up a notch.

But like every new soul that arrives on this planet, they must make their own way, no one else can do it for them.


Dan and Angela are having twins! To their great delight they have a boy, Eddy and a girl, Lizzy. Lizzy takes right after her daddy in EVERY way. When Lizzy is about to head off to college, Dan tells her about the curse. While at college Lizzy meets a boy, Stephen, who shares her secret and her love of animals and the environment. Together they take on the Medical Research Lab Director and try to drive him away from the college.


The beginning of this book was choppy and just skimmed over the lives of the children. There is not much about Eddy but mainly focuses on Lizzy. Once the story was about Lizzy's life at college it took a turn for the better and I was glad I continued to read it. The story just flowed right till the end. This story the author takes on the subject of animal testing. We also get see Lizzy and Stephen's relationship began to bloom which leaves the door wide open to more books. This book by far was the best book out of this series. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR (from author's website)

Cook’s diverse law enforcement experience gives her a unique prospective on law enforcement personalities. Her experience covering such jobs as detention officer, patrol officer, crime scene tech and plain clothes undercover officer has given her the real life experience to put together real characters that are three dimensional. These kind of real life experiences show up in all her stories.

photo from Goodreads
Many of the places described in Wild Series are set in Grand County, Colorado, where Fern worked as a patrol deputy. Aside from being a patrol deputy, Fern also processed many crime scenes as a crime-scene tech.


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