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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review: The Devil You Know by Jenna Black

The Devil You Know (Morgan Kingsley, Exorcist, Book 2)
by Jenna Black
Publication Date: July 29, 2008
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 STARS
Book was personally purchased by me

BOOK BLURB (from Amazon)
The beautiful. The bad. The possessed.

Some people worship them. Some people fear them. And some people—like Morgan Kingsley—go up against them toe-to-toe, flesh to flesh, and power against power. An exorcist by trade, Morgan is one of the few humans with an aura stronger than her possessor, even though her demon can tease her body senseless. She’s also a woman who has just discovered a shocking truth: everything she once believed about her past, her identity, may have been a lie.

With a family secret exploding around her and a full-scale demon war igniting, Morgan is a key player in an unsettled world. Then a rogue sociopathic demon enters her life with a bang. His name is The Hunter. And since she is the prey, Morgan has only one choice: to hunt The Hunter down—no matter what heartbreaking truths she uncovers along the way….

Not as great as the first book but I still loved the characters. In this second book in the series Morgan is still possessed by the demon king, Lugh and she has decided to break up with Brian because she feels she is a danger to him. She is still the kick ass heroine that I have come to love but she is a little (and I do mean a little) bit better about thinking before she acts.

With the help of Adam, Dominic and her brother Andrew (who is no longer possessed by Rapheal) she must unravel the mystery of who her biological dad is (and what REALLY happened in the hospital when she was a child). Enter in the new threat to Morgan/Lugh's life a psychotic demon, Der Jager, who has been let loose by Lugh's brother, Dougal. Der Jager's job is to figure out where Lugh is because as far as they know Lugh has switched hosts. Once again Morgan must fight for her life (and Lugh's) otherwise a full scale demon war will happen. Morgan's interaction with Adam is slowly beginning to change her views on demons. She has learned so much that now nothing is black and white anymore.

I gave it 3 stars because it didn't come close to how interesting the first book was. I do hope that the third book is much more interesting!

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Melissa said...

I love when the characters save the story, you know? I mean, I can generally forgive a crappy plot if the characters are well-rounded. Excellent honest review, Kelsey! :)