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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Library Unveiled (5)

Don't know what is in your library? Want to share your books with others? Curious to know what is in other libraries?

Library Unveiled 

What is on Your Shelf? will allow you to share your personal library, bound or virtual, with the Mad Scientist and other bloggers. Every Thursday stop by and share 5 books; perhaps a snippet of your thoughts or link to a review.

Went back to my paperback library for this week...:D
The First Patient by Michael Palmer
Always enjoy a good medical thriller.

Hello! Hot Argeneau's...LOL. But seriously I love this series.

I liked Briggs' Mercy Thompson books so I thought I would try another series of hers.

Thr3e by Ted Dekker
Another great author!

Kelley writes a good biography usually. My husband is fan of Sinatra's music so I thought I would read about his life. I heard it was very interesting.


Mad Scientist said...

I love that we happened to both go paperback this week. Plus we happened to get post one out of five the same. Times that by the fact that there are a million books out there. What are the chances?

Great picks this week ;) Thanks for sharing! I enjoy seeing all of the wonderful books you have so far!

Mad Scientist!

Mad Scientist said...

I forgot to mention that I found a link up for this MeMe. I'll start doing that so it is easier for people to hop around and see other libraries. :)