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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Special Request

Hey everyone! I am reaching out to all of you! I recently was informed from a friend of mine that her daughter is looking for book donations for the American Indian OIC where she works. Most of the students that they serve are very low income and a large portion are recent immigrants that are still learning the English language. The students there are either are either in their high school, GET or vocational certificate programs, Many, many of the students are struggling in their math and reading skill levels. At a recent meeting it was discussed that the need to have regular, fun read books in the library for the students to check-out and return of if they have enough to even keep (we all know that joy in that!)! Anything to encourage them to read more often.

So what I am looking for is any books you are willing to donate to this cause. My friend is heading down on April 30th and I want to have a big box of books to send with her. I am already donating 2 boxes of my own...:)

If interested please email me at kopsahl48 AT gmail DOT com and I can give you shipping information. I know it is short notice but I would appreciated any consideration you can give to this...:) Please pass this information on if you know of anyone that might be interested. Thanks ahead a time!


Shanon said...

Great idea! I think I have some books to contribute. I'll send you an email. :-)

Kelsey said...

Thanks Shanon!! Your donation is greatly appreciated..:D