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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review: Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep

Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy)Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep
Mythos Academy, Book 1
Published by Kensington
Available Now
Source: Author
Format: e-ARC

Gwen Frost is sent to Mythos Academy to learn about her gypsy powers. Her ability which is thru touch and allows her get pictures, emotions, and background from objects and people she touches (which you can about imagine her dating life is non-existent). Her grandmother thinks it is best since Gwen’s mother died and we get the feeling that grandma knows something we don’t . Once instilled at the Academy, she finds herself alone even though she is surrounded by many students but everyone seems to be paired by what they are and since she is the only Gypsy she is a little on the outside looking in. There are Spartans (enter Logan Quinn!!), Amazons, Romans, and Valkryies all warriors are the last line of defense if the Chaos War comes about, which it seems is quite imminent. Now a student is dead and the Bowl of Tears, an artifact used to bring about the Chaos War is missing. Gwen’s sleuthly side comes out and she gets her Nancy Drew on to solve this case before something worse happens.

Gwen Frost is my new favorite heroine and Logan Quinn is definitely a hot bad boy (my favorite). Like Estep’s heroine from her Elemental Assassin series, Gwen is a feisty and snarky and in the heat of battle always has to inject humorous comments. The soft side of Gwen comes when we learn about the death of her mother and the love of her grandmother. With the new rise in mythology based fantasy books, I personally have not been a huge fan. But, Estep introduces us to the myths and legends without overwhelming the reader with a history lesson. Since Gwen isn’t as up on her history as she should be before attending Mythos Academy, we learn along with her. 

Fantastic first book in a series that I will be anxiously awaiting to read! Highly recommended for YA readers but with a cautionary warning: there are parts of the story that touches on the child molestation of a friend of Gwen.





Cassandra said...

Hi Kelsey. Wanted to read this. Have it on my reader now!

P.S.- Siren's Cry by Anne Kogler giveaway at my blog(as of now!)

Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension (

jackie b central texas said...

Reading my copy today and have already laughed at the reference to eating BBQ at the Pork Pit and that Gwen is like a fungus, she grows on you per Daphne Cruz. Fun book and lots of neat info woven into the story.

Kelsey said...

Cassandra-glad you added is a great read!

Jackie-I found myself laughing so much during this book with comments like those...

jackie b central texas said...

I know, Jennifer cracked me up too! I am to the part where it is dance night and Gwen has followed Morgan to the library, too bad she and Logan got interrupted by his "date"!

Kelsey said...

Logan and his "date" made me so mad at that part..Grrr!!

jackie b central texas said...

Am now quite stoked about Nike and Vik, also happy that Gwen "survived" her first major conflict. Taking a break from the book watching "Because I Said So" on television with Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton.