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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ARC Review + Giveaway: Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep

Publication Date: May 29, 2012
Publisher: Kensington
Format: e-ARC
Source: author

“If you guys don’t stop making out, I’m going to be sick.”

Estep begins her third installment to the Mythos Academy series right after the end of winter break. Gwen and her usual gang are doing some research on ancient artifacts when a group of Reapers led by Loki’s champion attack. Gwen discovers that they are looking for the Helheim Dagger, which her mother had hid. Now Gwen must unravel the clues that her mother has left for her and discover the dagger before the Reapers get a hold of it and let loose Loki upon the world. She must also discover who Loki’s champion is, and it is starting to look like it is someone that is close to Gwen.

Gwen and Logan’s relationship is as complicated as ever. Logan is scared that Gwen will discover his secret with her gypsy gift. Gwen’s gift does seem to get in the way a lot even after they get past the “secret”; Gwen discovers something new about her powers that scares her to death and causes her to shy away from Logan.

This series is definitely addicting. I love the non-stop action that Estep is known for in her books. She throws in some intense scenes and some heart-breaking moments. Another aspect I love about Estep’s writing is that her characters are always growing. In this book Gwen and Logan’s relationship and personal lives grow and Gwen's best friend, Daphne, starts to come into her own also. Even though some parts of the book were predictable, Dark Frost will captivate any YA reader that loves Greek mythology.

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Kensington has so graciously offered to give one copy of the first book, Touch of Frost, to a lucky reader of my blog! This is the perfect opportunity to start this great series!! Open to US and Canada. Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below.
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Sandy said...

Love Jennifer's books

Sandy said...

Love Jennifer's books

SacredmOOn said...

Great giveaway Kelsey! Thanks for the chance to win!! I'm going to be starting her Elemental Assassin series soon. I can't wait! :)
DeAnna Schultz

Belgie said...

Gwen Frost also known as "gypsy girl" and now "Nike's champion" hasn't gotten any closer to a normal and reasonably-calm life. Although she's settled into a pretty decent routine of training, classes, work, and homework; she's still got many more problems to deal with. Besides desperately searching for the missing Helheim dagger that is the only thing keeping the vengeful, god Loki from breaking free, Gwen's struggling in multiple relationship departments. Logan is per usual being standoffish although at the end of the last book it seemed like the duo were making progress. Then you have Gwen's besty, Daphne, who's also recently been keeping her distant from Gwen for unknowable reasons. Besides struggling to keep her various relationships afloat, a new enemy we met in the last book referred to as "reaper girl" seems to match, even have an advantage over Gwen's powers. Add in a massacre, creepy voices, and other reaper shenanigans and you've got another averagely sucky-day in Gwen Frost's Mythos Academy daily life.