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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ARC Review: The Wild Princess by Mary Hart Perry

Publisher: William Morrow
Release Date: July 31, 2012
Format: e-ARC
Source: publisher via edelweiss

(may differ from final copy)
Under siege, that’s what we are, Louise thought as she observed the mayhem beyond the church’s massive oak doors.

Princess Louise is considered the wild princess due to her tendency to want to only do what she wants. Her mother, Queen Victoria, tries many different ways to tame her wild offspring but instead pushes her daughter further and further away. Now that Princess Louise is an adult, Queen Victoria feels it is time for her to marry and settle down. Her mother’s choice of a husband pales in comparison to the love she had with her collage boyfriend who mysteriously disappeared. The two learn to tolerate each other after discovering her husband’s alternative lifestyle (which her mother knew about) and Louise starts to wonder what happened to her first love.

Stephen Byrne, and American who is employed under the Queen’s Secret Service, has been trying to uncover who is behind all the assassination attempts on the Queen and her family. Louise secretly asks him to investigate her lover’s disappearance. Throwing these two together adds spice and tension to the story that the reader eagerly anticipates when these two finally let down their guard and discover that they could make each other happy.

This light romance is a fun read. You discover more about Queen Victoria and the dynamic with her family. Perry sticks close to what history says the relationship between Victoria and Louise was. Louise was often very openly critical of her mother’s never ending mourning phase which caused tension between the two. The reader discovers that Louise was just a free thinking woman ahead of her time who only wanted to find love and live her life to the fullest. Due to her social station, that just wasn’t possible for her and she acted out in many different ways in defiance to her mother. With the added mystery of assassination attempts and  a missing lover, The Wild Princess leads to an entertaining read.