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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review: Pulse by John Lutz

Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: July 3, 2012
Format: Paperback
Source: publisher

It gave Garvey the creeps, transferring somebody like Daniel Danielle.

In 2002 the serial killer Daniel Danielle disappears when the transport vehicle carrying him to a maximum security prison flips when it is caught in a hurricane. Everyone assumed Daniel died in the hurricane but know they aren’t so sure. Bodies are starting to show up in the same M.O. as the Daniel Danielle killings. Frank Quinn and his partner, Pearl, must figure out what is going on. When the Police Commissioner Renz calls, they know this is serious business.

Pearl’s long lost daughter, Jody Jason, makes her debut. Even though it felt too easy for her to infiltrate Pearl and Quinn’s life, her character finds its place. Jody’s internship with a law firm ends up tying together the loose ends that Pearl and Quinn are looking for. Add in the fact that in addition to having the same M.O., the killer is murdering women that look just like Pearl so to Quinn, this is personal.

The serial killer is a mystery. Is it Daniel Danielle or is this someone that was obsessed with him and wants to "bring" him back from the dead? The chapters that provide the insight into the killer's mind are intriguing because the monster doesn't truly believe that what he is doing is wrong.

Lutz knows how to write a suspenseful story that keeps a person glued to its pages. Non-stop action keeps the thrilling storyline rolling and the reader's pulse never has a chance to slow down. I highly recommend Pulse to all mystery/thriller lovers.