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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ARC Review: Touched by Corrine Jackson

Series: Sense Thieves, #1
Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: November 27, 2012
Format: ARC
Source: publisher for an honest review

BLURB (courtesy of Kensington) 
Time may not heal all wounds—but she can. 

You’d think being able to heal people with a touch would be a blessing. But to 17-year-old Remy O’Malley, it’s more like a curse.

Every injury Remy heals becomes her own. She lives in fear of the day she’s forced to mend a wound from which she can’t recover—and she’s desperate to keep her amazing ability a secret.

Enter Asher Blackwell, a scarred eighteen-year-old with dangerous powers of his own. Asher seems to know more about Remy’s abilities than she does—and maybe more than he’s letting on. If she opens up to him, she might find out what it truly means to be a Healer. But she’ll also expose herself to capture by an old and very determined enemy. And if they catch her, they won’t just injure her.

They’ll kill her. 

Remy O’Malley’s life isn’t easy. Her mother is married to an abusive man who only wants the child support check that her father sends every month. On top of that she has a mysterious power to heal people with touch. The side-effect to that is for every injury she cures it becomes hers. She has healed her mother over and over again and has even had to endure pain without healing to hide her abilities. After the worst beating of her life, Remy is sent to live with her estranged father and meets a boy just as strange as her, Asher Blackwell, only to find out that they are enemies. Asher is a Protector and immortal and his kind hunt down her kind.

I was instantly grabbed from page one. Right away I felt for Remy and knew that her journey was going to be tough. Being abused and being different without knowing why leads to some very deep scarring. This was about Remy’s turn to be healed. Even though I felt that Asher was not an original described character, I still enjoyed his story as well. He compliments Remy well and their growing attraction leads to some tense moments.

The intertwining of fantasy and reality was effortlessly done. The story managed to deal with real issues but adds the fantasy element that makes for an intriguing read. All the characters interact well together and support the main characters. Perfect read for the lovers of YA paranormal.