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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review: Invisible by Carla Buckley

Publisher: Bantam
Release Date: December 11, 2012
Format: DRC
Source: publisher via edelweiss for an honest review

Dana has avoided going home to Black Bear, MN for about 16 years. She must return now because her sister, Julie, has lost her battle with kidney disease. Julie has left behind her daughter, Peyton, and her alcoholic father. Dana finds Julie’s diary that shows a connection between the local factory where half the town works and the kidney related illness happening in Black Bear. Dana also runs into her high school sweetheart and her secret is going to be harder and harder to keep if he continues to hang around.

Invisible had me confused and intrigued throughout. The main plot line is what intrigued me with the link between nanotechnology and the health scares that the townspeople are having. What confused me were all the other plot lines that were trying to happen. Some were, I felt, unnecessary (such as Dana and her demolition business partner’s issue) and others were just weak. The predictable secret that is eventually revealed didn’t seem like something that would keep two sisters apart (not even talking on the phone). Dana seemed very selfish and I didn’t understand the brother-in-law’s hatred for her because he didn’t know the secret so he shouldn’t have felt threatened. All the characters felt one-dimensional and I as a reader didn’t feel invested in them or the story.