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Friday, March 22, 2013

Author Interview: Nina Berry

I would like to welcome Nina Berry to Kelsey's Book Corner today! She was gracious enough to answer a few questions for my readers!

Q: How would you describe the second book in your OTHERKIN series, OTHERMOON?

A: I think of OTHERMOON as THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK of the OTHERKIN series. It’s darker, and it goes deeper into the character relationships (but no light saber battles, sorry.) The Tribunal is down and out at the end of OTHERKIN, but in OTHERMOON it comes back with a vengeance, armed with tools the OTHERKIN could never have anticipated, bigger and badder than ever, baby. Which means the consequences for our heroes are more dire, and the ending…Well, I don’t want to spoil it, but I got pretty upset while I was writing it, and a few readers have jokingly told me they hated me a little, but couldn’t wait for the next book. This is exactly the reaction I was looking for. Sometimes writers need to be a little evil. 

Q: Did you have the plot for OTHERMOON in mind when you wrote the previous book in the series, OTHERKIN?

A: I had the overall story for three books in mind when I wrote the first book, so the answer is—yes, sort of. I planted little story seeds in book one, and I had to be sure to stay true to my plans for them or endure the wrath of readers. But I figured out the details of the plot came after the first book was done. Then some things changed in the writing. Nice surprises sometimes occur as you write, so I try not to be too locked down.

Q: How did you go about topping the exciting action in the first book?

A: I didn’t try to go bigger with the action itself, but I did try to go deeper with the emotions behind it. Action’s a great way to reveal character, and I hope I did that with what happens in OTHERMOON, particularly at the end.

Q: A villainous character in the first book gains more dimension in OTHERMOON. Did you plan that from the start?

A: Every so-called bad guy has his reasons for what he does. So I knew generally how I was going to flesh out the three main Tribunal characters in book two. As I wrote OTHERMOON, I came up with the specifics. When I wrote one particular scene, where a “bad guy” character shows us his most vulnerable self, I kind of fell in love with him. Big fun. The more three-dimensional characters are, the more enjoyable it is to write them.

Q: Things heat up a lot romantically in OTHERMOON. Was that also fun to write?

A: Romantic scenes can be a blast to write, or they can be super embarrassing, depending, for me, on where I am when I’m writing them. When I’m alone, I can really get lost in them. But recently I was writing a very romantic scene for book three while I was at my dad’s house. That was tough! It’s not like he’s looking over my shoulder or anything, but I got weirdly self-conscious with him sitting nearby. So I put that scene down and wrote something less “hot” while I was there.

Nina Berry grew up bodysurfing in Hawaii, learned to throw snowballs at the University of Chicago, and now lives and works in Hollywood, pretending to lead the glamorous life. She got a screenplay optioned, wrote for a TV show called Ghost Stories, made it to the finals of the Disney TV Writing Fellowship, and became a semi-finalist in the Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship. Inspired by novels she loved as a teen, she sold her debut YA paranormal novel OTHERKIN to KTeen in 2011. When not writing, Nina loves to travel, read, and tweet links about saving big cats in the wild.  

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