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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Review: The Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor, Vampire Slayer by Lucy Weston

By: Lucy Weston
Publisher: Gallery Books
Release Date: December 21, 2010
Format: Softcover
Source: personal
Challenge Met: 2013 TBR Pile

The storyline begins on the eve of Elizabeth’s coronation when she comes into her vampire slaying powers. She is the descendant of the first slayer, Morgaine Le Fay who was Mordred’s lover and in the end his enemy. Mordred is the son of King Arthur who decided to turn to the dark side and become a vampire after his Christian father refused to make peace with them. In a twist of fate, Mordred is made their King.  His ultimate goal is to reclaim his right to the throne of England and now is his chance if he can just seduce Elizabeth. Elizabeth as other plans but now she is conflicted between Mordred and her vow to let no man rule her. She is constantly being torn between Robert Dudley, Mordred and England. Who will win?

I have to say that I had high expectations for this book. Since Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, I’ve been a fan of mash-ups and thought that The Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor would be just as great. Unfortunately it fell flat for me. The actual weaving of the fantasy part into Elizabeth’s real life just didn’t work for me. In all honesty, I enjoyed reading Mordred’s point of view better than Elizabeth’s. I am not saying to not read this book but I would definitely suggest checking it out at your local library. 



Teawench said...

It's disappointing to hear it didn't live up to expectations. I still want to read it but I'll take your advice and get it from the library.