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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Book Review: Blast from the Past by Lauren Carr

Series: A Mac Faraday Mystery
Publication Date: January 10, 2013
Format: Paperback
Source: author in exchange for an honest review

Mac Faraday returns with the usual trouble just around the corner. Lauren Carr takes this new mystery into the past life of Archie Monday, formally known as Kendra Douglas, who witnessed a mob murder when she was young and has been in witness protection since. Now the mob has found her and they aren’t going to leave her alive for a second time. Eventually there are three murders to solve and the trouble comes trying to link the common thread or are they unrelated. Never fear though, Mac and his half-brother, David O’Callaghan, are on the job along with Archie and Gnarly, the German Shepard. Archie doesn’t want to relocate so she ends up just moving in with Mac (they were eventually going to do that anyway). David is already living in the mansion and when Marshall Randi Finnegan ends up there also to help protect Archie sparks fly between them. Even though there is many different plot lines running around I didn’t feel like it was confusing, just had me constantly wondering who did it.

The thing with Carr’s mysteries is she always injects some good humor. I have grown to absolutely love Gnarly. He is a stand out character and should have his own book. Another great aspect of her mysteries is that fact that you will always be kept guessing. You have all the clues but there are a few wrenches thrown in that keep you from tying them together until Carr is ready for you to. I recommend any of the Mac Faraday novels for all mystery lovers.



Lauren Carr said...

Thank you, Kelsey for the great review. Glad you love that bad dog Gnarly! Got to think about putting him in his own book.