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Friday, June 14, 2013

Audio Book Review: The Demonologist by Andrew Pyper

Publication Date: March 5, 2013
Format: Audio CD; Unabridged edition 
Source: publisher 

The life of Professor David Ullman is starting to unravel. His wife is leaving him and his best friend has been diagnosed with cancer. In walks an offer he can’t refuse. He has been asked to take a trip to Venice, Italy for a consultation. He finds this to be the perfect time to take his 12 year old daughter on a trip. He finds out his consultation is with a man possessed with a demon. Deciding that this was more than what he can handle he attempts to leave before it gets too much for him. The demon has other ideas and possesses his daughter and throws her body off the hotel roof. Her body is never recovered and she is assumed dead. David knows without a doubt that the demon has abducted his daughter and if he wants her back he must play the demon’s game. With each new clue taken right from the pages of Paradise Lost by Milton, David feels he is closer to finding his daughter.

At times the storyline was borderline cheesy which is hard to avoid when writing in the horror genre. You definitely won’t find any plot to take over the world or the professor turning into a savior. This is purely a father’s hunt to find and save his daughter and face his demons, both in his mind and in reality. The problem that the reader is faced is trying muddle through the confusing plot line and try to make sense of what is happening. The fright level is purely based on the reader. For me when it comes to reading horror books I always compare them to The Exorcist and unfortunately The Demonologist just can’t compete with it.


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