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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Book Review: The Castle Tower Lighthouse by @PatrickHTDoyle

Series: Edgar Fonts Hunt for a House to Haunt 
Publisher: Armadillo Books 
Publication Date: September 1, 2006
Format: eBook-Kindle
Source: personal

Sir Edgar Fonts is an eccentric man. That is something that the reader discovers quickly. His two grandchildren, Garrett and Audrey, recall very little of their grandfather except that he always had fantastic stories to tell of his numerous adventures. Even that doesn’t excite them now that they have to spend the entire summer with him at his new home, The Sterling Oaks Retirement Village. To them it equals an entire summer of boredom with a lot of old people.

Upon arriving at the retirement home they witness their grandfather jumping off a balcony. And so begins a summer that they will never forget. Eccentric doesn’t begin to describe Edgar Fonts. He is not ready for the old people’s home yet and so he takes his grandchildren on a epic journey to discover the perfect house to haunt once he passes on. Their first stop is the Castle Tower Lighthouse where they discover there might not be room for Edgar here and instead they might just need to solve the mystery and save the soul that is trapped there. 

Patrick H.T. Doyle has an imaginative mind and he uses that to engage the young readers with puzzles for them to solve. Being an explorer himself, the reader is able to pick up on his experience with each new page. This book could easily be enjoyed by readers of all ages and because of the fast-pace at which it is presented, it will hold the young readers attention and have them eagerly picking up the next installment, The Fakersville Power Station (which is next on my TBR pile).



Laura Thomas said...

Sounds really fun. Thanks for sharing. I've been reading and reviewing some young readers books and having a great time.