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Monday, February 10, 2014

Audiobook Review: Red Hill by @JamieMcGuire

Publication Date: October 1, 2013
Format: Audio CD
Source: publisher

From many viewpoints, Jamie McGuire tells the story of a world after an outbreak hits. Survivors must make their way to safety and for many to the farm house otherwise known as Red Hill.

There are many characters that we are introduced to. Scarlett who ends up separated from her children turns into Mommy Zombie (or Teds as they end up being called) Killer. Her instincts kick in and she fights her way to the farm house and decides that she will wait for her children to show, because they will, she knows it. As she sets up shop, the people start coming.

Nathan is able to grab his daughter and make it to his brother-in-law’s house and eventually he also makes it to the farmhouse where he plays a key part in Scarlett’s life. Also traveling is sisters Miranda and Ashley with their boyfriends Bryce and Cooper and a hitchhiker ex-military man, Joey. All the characters work well together but since they are not fully fleshed out there are times that it was hard to connect with them.

Even though there wasn’t a strong connection between reader and characters it didn’t stop me from feeling their heartache at times. This was definitely a light dystopian read and perfect for young adults just getting into this genre. The audiobook was perfectly narrated by Emma Galvin, Zackary Webber and January LaVoy. It was nice to have the different viewpoints narrated by a different person making it easier to remember which character was talking. The tale was there and minus the holes in the story where I wanted a bit more this proved to be an entertaining read.


DISCLOSURE: I received this audio book from the publisher at no charge and in no way influenced my review.