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Monday, February 24, 2014

Book Review: The Troop by @TheNickCutter

Publisher: Armadillo Books
Publication Date: February 25, 2014
Format: e-ARC
Source: publisher via Netgalley

Troop leader Dr. Tim Riggs takes his group of boy scouts to an isolated island. With no way to get off the island until Sunday morning, Riggs tucks his kids in and decides to sit on the porch for a bit before turning in. A stranger approaches and right away Riggs knows there is something off with this guy but to keep his kids safe he invites him in hoping to help him. What happens next will terrify and disgust the reader.

The Troop is told from many viewpoints giving the reader an inside look into the fallout of a bio-engineered nightmare that ensues on the island. The five boys, all 14, are a bit stereotypical but only adds to the story. Kent, the jock and obvious leader of the group and Newton is the exact opposite with being overweight and a mama’s boy. Max is the middle man and always looking to help anyone out and Ephraim is a ticking time bomb at times. Rounding the group out is Shelley who is unusual and harder to put a finger on why he is so different. Together this group is dynamic and with the infection raging these personalities became heightened.

With the alternating telling of the events on the island and what happens off the island via government research notes, recordings and witness statements, the reader is privy to all aspects of this infections and the results of their experiment.

This is truly a horror novel and will have your stomach turning and wishing you could close your eyes. Squirm worthy and a must for anyone that loves the horror genre.