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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guest Post & Giveaway: C. Fern Cook

How the Wild Series Evolved

The Wild series began when I was a patrol deputy in the Colorado Mountains. I worked in a county that was cattle country. As charming as that seems, many of the ranchers killed anything that crossed their property they didn't like.

This did not sit well with me, the great animal lover that I am, I believe all animals have right to live on this planet. As a patrol deputy, I could do nothing about it unless it was an endangered species or poaching involved.

I have always been the storyteller, I imagined a rancher that shared his land with all creatures including the dreaded wolf. This turned into a skin walker or werewolf story. A good story always takes on a life of its own. While I was writing the series, the story developed in ways I had never imagined when I first set out to write the first book.

What would happen if you were attacked by a vicious animal? What if that animal turned out to be human, a changeling?  Would you tell the cops about the person you killed in self-defense? Would you hide the body and tell no one?  Who would believe your story?

How would this affect the rest of your life? How could you put this behind you and just forget about it? Wouldn't you be on edge? Suspicious of everyone? How could you live a normal life from then on, especially if you became the creature that attacked you?

Wild Evolution is about how Dan chooses to hide the body because he thinks no one would believe his story. He worries that if anyone found out, he would be charged with murder. It is hard to be a mellow when you are obsessed with keeping your secret a secret.

Wild Justice is the continuation, how Dan tries to live a normal life and get married and have family. How he tries to live the American dream of owning his own business. 

Wild Legacy continues with Dan's attempt to raise a family and try to blend in with the rest of the community. This is how the Wild series evolved.
The characters are composite of people I have met through my real life experiences. The first in the series has a great deal of crime scene processing in it. The law enforcement officers are composites of officers I had worked with. The crime scene processing is as real life as possible; this comes from my experience as a crime scene investigator when I worked with Boulder PD.      

Just like my books, I have also evolved as a writer doing this series. I have learned a lot from the feedback from readers. I enjoy hearing from readers and hear about what they think. I invite any questions you might have about the series, my writing, or experiences in law enforcement.

c. fern cook, author, WILD EVOLUTION

~about the author~ 

Fern Cook started out as a freelance writer in the late 90's doing articles for the how-to and inspirational markets. Today she writes about her passions: small town life, the great outdoors, and all the animals that inhabit this planet with us. When it comes to genres, Fern does not stick with one. If a genre existed for animal stories, that would be her genre.

All the characters in Fern Cook's stories are at the crossroads of life. It's their chance to grow or run and hide. It's their chance to prove themselves or a time blend into the background with everyone else.

Many of the places described in Wild Evolution are set in Grand County, Colorado, where Fern worked as a patrol deputy. Aside from being a patrol deputy, Fern also processed many crime scenes as a crime-scene tech.

Fern’s second book in the Wild series is finally published and is already working on the third book in the Wild series. Also in the line up for future novels is an adventure story about finding the Garden of Eden, and an unusual tale about the afterlife. 

~find C. Fern Cook~ 

~her latest book~

(my review HERE)

Wild Legacy, book III of the Wild series.In book III, Dan Tucker's passion for the wildlife runs through the veins of his offspring, but 'his curse' also courses through the veins of his child. Only he knows why his child is different from all the other children. Like every parent, Dan is challenged with teaching his child how to fit into this world. In Dan's case the dilemma is taken up a notch. But like every new soul that arrives on this planet, they must make their own way, no one else can do it for them.

~other books by author~ 
Wild Evolution  Book 2 of the Wild Series, Wild Justice
(my review HERE for both books)

~the giveaway~

C. Fern Cook has graciously decided to giveaway a set of her series to one lucky winner! That's right! The winner will receive books 1-3 of the Wild Series. Just fill out the form below to be entered!

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  • Books will be shipped directly from the author.


lindalienhard said...

I have all three of this series. They seem to get better with each book. I am hoping their will be more.
This is new and original take on the werewolf thing. I am a fan of young adult paranormal fiction, this series didn't disappointment me.

peggy e. said...

where any of the characters in the book from where you worked in Colorado?

c. fern cook said...

I can tell you this, the Grand County Sheriff's Department had characters that might resemble my characters one way or another, they are more of a combination of characteristics traits than any one person.