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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review: Cujo by Stephen King

Cujo (Signet)
Publisher: The Viking Press
Publish Date: 1981
Genre: Horror
Format: Hardcover
Rating: 5 STARS

A big, friendly dog chases a rabbit into a hidden underground cave--and stirs a sleeping evil crueler than death itself. A terrified four-year-old boy sees his bedroom closet door swing open untouched by human hands, and screams at the unholy red eyes gleaming in the darkness. The little Maine town of Castle Rock is about to be invaded by the most hideous menace ever to savage the flesh and devour the mind....

I forgot that there is more to this incredible book than just a dog with rabies. This is classic Stephen King horror...:) It is remarkable how he writes an entire story around a rabid dog!

There are two main families that are involved in this nightmare. The Camber family, owners of Cujo, consists of Joe, his wife Charity and their son Brett. Joe is man that is hard on his family and very controlling. He doesn't let his wife or son go very far without him. Charity wants to visit her sister (and get away from him for awhile) and to do this she must bribe Joe. Luckily she is able to do since she won the lottery. Charity is very torn between wanting to leave Joe and staying with him for her son's sake. Cujo was given to the Camber family as payment from one of Joe's clients and has become Brett's beloved dog.

Vic Trenton's family is been shattered. He has just learned that his wife, Donna, has been cheating on him. On top of this, he is about to lose his biggest account and his job in advertising. To save his job, he must fly to New York and come up with a way to save it. Donna has ended the affair and wants to reconnect with her husband. Vic's trip gives them the space they need to figure out what to do. King has added the special element of the monster in the closet for their son Tad, which foreshadows all the horror he will go through. After Cujo's reign of terror the surviving members of the families must pick up the pieces of their lives.

Stephen King even writes from the point of view of Cujo several times. We see that this was man's best friend and that he didn't want to hurt the people but the disease took over his body and he had no free will left.

Book was purchased personally by me.
Summary taken from Goodreads



Jenny said...

I have to say this movie always scared the life out of me. I'm such an animal person that it was always hard for me to watch, but I think I should read it, the books are always better than the movies! Interesting that he wrote from the dog's point of view at times:)

Delphyne said...

I saw the movie before I read the book, and I remember being shocked by what really happened in the book! I was a young reader, and King didn't take it very easy on me.