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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review: Possessions by James A. Moore

by James A. Moore
Publisher: Leisure Books
Publication Date: June 2004
Genre: Horror
My Rating: 1 STAR
Challenge: 2011 Books TBR

One by one, a group of teens becomes possessed by a strange and powerful force.

MY REVIEW (might contain some spoilers)
I don't like to write bad reviews. But I have to say that this book just wasn't an enjoyable one for me....:( At times I found it was a bit cheesy. I finished reading it because it was part of a challenge that I am doing (and I was secretly hoping it would be get better). By about page 210 it started to look up because it starts the final fight scene, unfortunately the fight scene was 100+ pages and I lost interest in it rather quickly.

Chris has just lost his mother and won the lottery. Now all of a sudden he is thrust into a battle over the "western key." His little sister is is going through a tough time after losing her mother and now is running off constantly. His best friend Jerry tries to help out the best he can but ends up being caught by the demons and Katie (Jerry's girlfriend) is the mother hen to everyone. Chris also has several flashbacks that don't flow with the book and are very confusing at times. Personally, the characters did not feel very well developed.

Like I said, this book wasn't for me. I am still confused exactly what this book is about. It is called Possessions yet there is no possessing going on. Instead the humans they are imitating are kept in heart shaped pods in the basement of a house. When I finished the book I was just confused and disappointed.

Book was purchased personally by me. My opinions are my own.
Summary taken from Goodreads.


Jenny said...

That cover is really disturbing! They certainly look possessed, so it's odd that the book isn't about possession at all. I'll definitely stay away from this one, thanks for an honest review Kelsey!