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Monday, May 9, 2011

Review: In the Event of My Death by Carlene Thompson

In the Event of My DeathIn the Event of My Death
by Carlene Thompson
Publication Date: 1999
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 328

Blurb from Amazon: 
They had been six teenage girls in Wheeling, West Virginia. Full of mischief. Acting wild. Having good times. And getting into trouble. they called themselves the Six of Hearts. Then one night things went to far. One of them died. The rest swore to never tell what really happened.

Now, thirteen years later, someone has decided to kill the remaining Six of hearts. The first to die is Angie, a successful New York City actress. And flower-shop owner Laurel Damron, still living in Wheeling, may be next. She has gotten a chilling message in the mail. She knows a killer is watching her. But who? Only by searching the past can she uncover a haunting truth...only by looking deep with herself can she uncover a lost memory...and only by suspecting everyone she knows, does she have one slim chance of staying alive...

My Review: 
A club started by six young girls called the Six of Hearts started out innocent but ended with the death of their friend Faith. Now 13 years later, the surviving five are being picked off one by one. The calling card is the number six and a drawn heart together with a tarot card for judgment.

Laurel Damron, one of the club members, is scared to death by what is happening but the original club leader, Monica Boyd, doesn’t want any of them to tell what happened that night that they lost one of their friends. Monica has worked too hard to become partner in her law firm to lose it now. After the second of them is found dead, Laurel tells her boyfriend, Officer Kurt Rider, everything. Now that it is in the open, she hopes that they will be able to solve this before the next one to be found dead is her! But who could it possibly be? Faith’s crazy father, her little sister or could it have been her unborn child’s father? Or could it be one of them? 

In the Event of My Death really had me guessing. The cast of characters are well written and keep you wondering because it seemed anyone could have had a motive. The atmosphere of the small town everyone knows your business really helps with the suspense because not one person knows the whole story. Laurel eventually pieces it all together with her own investigating but is it too late? My only hold up of not giving In the Event of My Death a 5 star rating would be with the relationship that happens in the end of the book. It was forced and fast, like the author quickly tidied everything up.

Recommended for all the mystery lovers out there.

My Rating: 4 STARS




*Book was bought personally by me.
**Read as part of my TBR Challenge