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Monday, June 13, 2011

Guest Post: Stacey Thompson-Geer and Stevie Trinity

I would love to welcome to my blog today a wonderful person I met during BBPCON this year, Stacey Thompson-Geer and her co-author Stevie Trinity. They have a new series called The Gatekeeper coming out June 17, 2011. It starts with Dark Magick (look for my review to be posted that day also!) but they already have a series of short stories introducing you to the characters in this series.

 Thank you for inviting us to your blog. We love talking about our book and why we really started writing. :)

Stevie and I both started writing well before we met. I remember my good friend pulling out a notebook full of stories she had started and some were finished, to show me. We both gave up writing a lot for our families and were doing the parent thing. We actually lived across the street from each other for a while and started on this idea while talking one day. I was writing The 13th Witch at that time and encouraged Stevie to take the wheel on her work as well. It took a little talking, but she agreed this story was just something we had to do.

We started actually writing the story almost two years ago. The story starts with the Character Lynn and throws you right into the fire, so to speak. You learn a little about what this war they are fighting is all about and who she is. Then you get thrown into Rhea's life and learn a little more. We didn't include chapters in our story.

It goes from the character Lynn to Rhea and so on. You get to see this fantastic world from two women's point of few and learn what makes them tick. They each have a story that intertwines with the main story, but that sets them apart. They both have struggles as they are facing a common enemy and trying to save the world they are raising families in.

Dark Magick has fantasy elements as well as real life issues that I think make people think about how it relates to their own lives. Controlling ex-boyfriends, obssessed friends, and family issues dot this world and bring it together in a unique and fun way. We both really hope you will love the book and that you check out some of our other work.

You can find Dark Magick at on June 17th, 2011.
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Stacey Thompson-Geer said...

Thank you for having us and I can't wait to read the review. :)