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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review: Moon Spell by Samantha Young

Series: Tale of Lunarmorte, Part 1
Publication Date/Publisher:March 2011/Createspace
Source: Author
Format: E-book

Entwining Greek Mythology and the supernatural comes easy to Ms. Young. Moon Spell is a wonderful combination of both and kept me flipping these pages. I had a little trouble with the beginning but as we voracious readers know, the first book in a series slams you with the entire history to bring us up to speed for future books.
Young’s heroine is Caia who has lived separate for her pack called, Pack Errante. She has been protected until she is ready to face her destiny. Now that Lucian has killed The Hunter (who eradicated Caia’s family) and assumed the Alpha position it is time to bring her back and face their future together.
Caia does her best to integrate back into the pack and Lucian believes that she will connect better if she attends a semester of school with lykans her own age. Caia is not a normal lykan, however. There is something very different about her and Lucian knows. He also knows that they are destined to be together and the sizzle between them is palpable every time they are in the same room (HOT, HOT, HOT). Lucian is very Alpha and sometimes that gets him in trouble with the VERY independent Caia. Young’s supporting cast of characters make for some great reading. Sebastian, who is also falling in love with Caia, is such a sweety!! Caia also starts to realize what she has been missing out her entire life. She may be independent but she has always dreamed about having a family.
Things are not safe for Caia. Her uncle, who is now very aware that she is still alive, wants her dead. Because of Caia’s mixed heritage, she is a HUGE threat to her uncle and he will stop at nothing to see her dead. At the same time, Caia is coming into her special powers and realizing how powerful she really is.
The twists and turns leave you breathless and anticipating the climax. Caia’s growth from a quite, reserved little girl into a strong, powerful woman equal to her Alpha is intense and dramatic and flows naturally throughout this book. Moon Spell is worth the read and you will fall in love with Young’s characters, evil and good. I look forward to this story continuing. A strong 4 of 5 stars!