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Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: Beloved of the Fallen by Savannah Kline

Beloved of the FallenBeloved of the Fallen
by Savannah Kline
Publication Date: December 1, 2010
Publisher: Ulysses Press
Rating: 4 STARS

BLURB courtesy of author's website
 The heavenly angel Valentin has committed the unthinkable sin, defying the Almighty to brave the perils of human love. Now an unwilling minion of Lucifer, Valentin must masquerade as human man to seduce his newest victim, the beautiful Kira Castlemaine.
 As the last survivor of an ages-old political dynasty, Kira Castlemaine holds the power to shape human events. With the "man" she knows as Valentin Ashford by her side, Kira unlocks the secrets of her destiny.
Soon, Kira finds herself caught between passion and duty, truth and deceit. But only love can help her decide whether she will use her power to save the world--or destroy it.


Beloved of the Fallen grabbed me from the first paragraph:

The angel was afraid. He knew now how much he had sinned. Yet he flew toward heaven faster than he had ever flown before.

Valentin must redeem himself for his past mistakes. He is denied entrance into heaven and must join the ranks of Lucifer and the other fallen until he figures out how to appease his Lord. Lucifer wants Armegeddon to begin and to do that the Destined must bring it about themselves and without any outside force telling them to. But, they can be influenced.

Today the Destined is smart and savvy Kira Castlemaine who has just stepped into her deceased father’s political seat. This is a dream come true for her but there is so much going on that she doesn’t understand. She feels that something more sinister is in the works with her “Uncle” Phil and his connection to secret society The Light House. Her only salvation is her new lover and political consultant, Valentin, who seems to be the only good in her life. This time Valentin is going to get it right. He will guide Kira without getting entangled and falling in love. As they say, history does repeat itself and now it is a race to stop the end of the world.

The whole good versus evil wages war throughout the pages of Beloved of the Fallen. The reader is swept into this battle and we nervously anticipate the climax. Savannah Kline’s debut novel is captivating. Valentin is a complex character who must fight his inner demons to be accepted back into heaven and Kira must learn to stand on her own feet and voice her opinions and not let outside people dictate her life. Together they learn from each other and fulfill what they are truly destined to become.



*Book was provided by author for an honest review