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Monday, September 26, 2011

Review: Chaos Tryst by Shirin Dubbin

Chaos Tryst
By Shirin Dubbin
Available October 3
Publisher: Carina Press
Format: Review e-Copy
Source: Author

“Where had she gone wrong?” 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears has never been told like this. Dubbin creates a fantasy world that few could have thought of. With bearshifters, goblins and chaos reigning we are left reeling in wonderment in this Faeble world. 

Ariana Anase Kitsu Golde, a mixture of Japanese and West African heritage, is a returner. She feels a tug towards the item that she is looking for, meaning she is not stealing but returning an item to the rightful owner. In human world this doesn’t matter but for Faebles, the race of folklore and faerie tales, it has prevented many magical showdowns. She is hired if a storied folk loosing an item to theft or trickery. Ari is also under a lot of pressure to marry from her mother, Inari, a frightful lady if you were to be on her bad side. 

Ari’s job this time is to retrieve a honecomb from the Medved brother’s home. Upon entering the house, Ari feels that she is out of control and she doesn’t know why. When the three brothers, stoic Dimitri, chaotic Maks and the seer Kostya, find Ari in their house they are not too happy. Maks and Ari’s chaotic magic instantly collides and it leads to a night of pandemonium and trickery. As much as Ari loves a little chaos, tonight is getting a little out of control and she has a job to do. Not only returning the honeycomb but she is also on a mission to bring the two goblin families together. 

Ari and Maks grow from thinking there is no way anyone could love them to finding they are made for each other. I will admit that at times the writing was chaotic BUT the underlining story is beautifully written. Fantasy is sometimes hard for me to figure out when there isn’t anything tying to a human world. There are mentions of a human world but not much more than that. The personalities of Maks and Ari are well-defined. Towards the end I was lost again because of a few things that seemed out of character for Ari and Maks. All that being said, this is a good short fantasy read. It is a new world that I would definitely like to know more about.