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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Review: Lord of the Vampires by Gena Showalter

Lord of the Vampires
By Gena Showalter
Series: The Royal House of Shadows, Book 1
Available Now
Publisher: Harlequin Nocturne
Format: Review Copy
Source: Publisher via Netgalley

“Once upon a time, in a land of vampires, shape-shifters and witches, the Blood Sorcerer coveted the only power denied him: the right to rule.” 

The Blood Sorcerer on his quest to rule Elden slaughter’s the ruling family but what he didn’t count on was the power of a parents love. Using his last breath, the king filled his children with an unbreakable need for vengeance and the queen uses her power to send them all away to different kingdoms with one link to the Royal House of Elden, a timepiece.
In the first installment of the Royal House of Shadows we are introduced to Nicolai, the Dark Seducer and crown prince. He has been kept in a cage and has been the toy for the witches Princess Odette and Princess Laila and used as much magic as possible to try to bring his salvation over. Nicolai has no idea who he is, only that he will have his vengeance on his tormentors.
Jane Parker has just recently learned to walk after a horrific car accident that claimed her parents and ruined her life. Jane hasn’t felt arousal in over eleven months and worries that she never will. She discovers a leather-bound book resting on her doorstep and her inquisitive nature leads her to opening the mysterious book. After reading aloud from the text she is transported into Nicolai’s world. A world that isn’t foreign to her. Jane knows all about vampires and other realms. She has worked in the fringe science area and has studied these creatures of “myth” and “legend.” She will also find out that this isn’t the first time she has been here.
Together Jane and Nicolai are unstoppable; working together to figure out the puzzle of who they both are and whether they can co-exist in the same realm. Jane’s character is strong and intellectual. She may not have magic like Nicolai but she does have heart. The mere fact that she feels something when she is around Nicolai proves that she is not dead. Nicolai is all about the vengeance but something about Jane leads him to claim her as “his” and protect her.
Lord of the Vampires is a sexy thrilling read leaving you breathless at times. There were moments that I was confused because of Nicolai’s teleporting abilities. We are also introduced to a few other members of the family as Nicolai’s memory returns and he flashes back to his childhood. Fantastic read for paranormal romance readers.


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The Happy Booker said...

Great review! I haven't read any of Gena Showalter's books but this one sounds amazing. I love the trailer too!