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Friday, June 3, 2011

Libraries of Minnesota by Doug Ohman

Libraries of Minnesota (Minnesota Byways)Libraries of Minnesota
by Doug Ohman
Publication Date: May 1, 2011
Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society Press
Rating: 5 STARS

Last night I went to Doug Ohman's presentation of his new book Libraries of Minnesota and I am just in awe. The pictures are just gorgeous and along with these vivid images are early childhood memories and history lessons from seven Minnesota authors, Will Weaver, Pete Hautman, John Coy, Nancy Carlson, Marsha Wilson Chall, David LaRochelle and Kao Kalia Yang.  This book is close to my heart because I can still remember my hometown library and bookmobile. The excitement of story time and just the abundance of literature at my fingertips!

Doug started his presentation with his memory of getting his first library card at the age of 6. His mother's only requirement was that he memorize his name and phone number and to this day he will take his library card to the grave with him, because you just don't know if you might need it on the other side. Doug provided insight into a few of the libraries history. Our very own library here in Detroit Lakes was originally a millinery shop that produced hats! Also I learned all about Andrew Carnegie and what he provided to Minnesota libraries...65 of 1,689 Carnegie libraries were built here. That is just amazing! As of today only 30 of them are left.

Another interesting fact I learned was that the Dyckman Free Library in Sleepy Eye has a sculpture of Linus from the Peanuts comic strip out front. The reason is because creator Charles Schulz's roommate and best friend in college was from Sleepy Eye and his name was...Linus! Love it! The cover of this book features the Houston Public Library where the community painted the fantastic mural. A local artist came in and drew the mural and the rest of the town came in and did a paint by number to make the drab looking library look magnificent.

I highly recommend Libraries of Minnesota  to all book/library lovers. It encompasses all that we book bloggers are and started from. Who doesn't remember their first library? I sure don't and my life has been one adventure after another. Doug has also written many other books including Barns of Minnesota, Courthouses of Minnesota (I own this one too), Churches of Minnesota and others. There is a book for everyone.


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