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Friday, July 8, 2011

ARC Review: Creep by Jennifer Hillier

by Jennifer Hillier
Published July 2011 by Simon and Schuster
Source: Publisher via Galley Grab
Format: E-ARC

Dr. Sheila Tao, professor of psychology, has to end her affair with her teaching assistant, Ethan Wolfe. Her fiancée, Morris, is a sweet man who would move the world for her. The one thing between them is Tao’s secret, she’s a sex addict. She relapses and that is how her affair started but now she wants to move forward with her life and come clean to Morris. Ethan is not alright with this. No woman EVER rejects him. He attempts to blackmail Tao and when that doesn’t work he decides to kidnap her and kill her.

Psychologically this is a fantastic book. From the first pages we dive into each of these personalities. The interaction is fascinating. Tao runs the gauntlet of emotions. Happiness with her fiancée but guilt for the lies and the affair. Fear of Ethan’s intensity to lust for his sinful body. Ethan is a sociopath and we see his disconnect from reality throughout Creep but we also start to feel that something or someone else is playing a factor in all of this. Morris is the rock to Tao. She helped him sober up but is also the reason he falls off the wagon. His undying devotion to Tao, even after the lies are revealed, makes you believe maybe love can conquer all.

Hold on to your horses and get ready for a psycho-thriller ride that you will not forget! Hillier has officially CREEPed me out! Hillier gives a spin to the student-teacher relationship that starts as lust but turns into a woman’s worst nightmare…to be kidnapped and chained to a bed with a sociopath leaning over you and telling you not to worry, he isn’t going to rape you…he is going to kill you. A must read for all thriller lovers. This ending will just KILL you!

Rating: 5 STARS 


*Even though I received this book free from the publisher it has in no way influenced my review. My opinions are my own


Cassandra said...

Hey Kelsey. I was on goodreads & saw your review. Creep looks good. Relationship like this are always scary they can get out of control. Nice review.