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Friday, July 15, 2011

Review: Hunger by Karen E. Taylor

Hunger (Vampire Legacy)Hunger
by Karen E. Taylor
Series: The Vampire Legacy, Books 1 & 2
Available Now
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Format: Print

Source: Publisher

Hunger consists of two books, Blood Secrets and Bitter Blood (originally published 1994). I have tried not to include spoilers but the second book, Bitter Blood does contain a few from Blood Secrets.

Blood Secrets (The Vampire Legacy, #1)In Blood Secrets we are introduced to Deidra Griffin, owner of Griffin Designs. She is a vampire that has been around for 100+ years. She has never met her maker and has lived her entire existence thinking she was the only vampire around.  Ten years ago she met a man named Max and she shared her secret with him. Max now the owner of Ballroom of Romance has helped Deidra with her undead life by supplying donors for her. Deidra has always struggled with the taking of blood from her victims. She abhors it but knows she must otherwise she turns into a crazed animal. Murder begin happening around her and usually they are her latest donors. The victims are found drained of blood with two puncture wounds in their neck. The lead detective Mitchell Greer falls hard for Deidra and Deidra for him but she is the main suspect right now. Deidra knows that she isn’t the murderer but now she definitely she isn’t the only vampire out there and she must find him first. In the end it is the ultimate betrayal that opens Deidra’s eyes to the violence that a vampire can really bring upon those around them.

Bitter Blood (The Vampire Legacy #2)In Bitter Blood we flash forward to two years later. Deidra has left town and is currently living in England starting a new life. She has left Mitch behind and hopes that he will move on with his life. She is still haunted by the betrayal of Max and the horrors of what Larry did. But now Chris, Mitch’s son has come pleading for Deidra to come home. Mitch needs her help. He is being tormented by vampires appearing to him and now he is an insane asylum. Deidra must face the past but in taking this step she now must face the The Cadre who will pass judgment upon Deidra for her hand in killing Max.

Hunger fell short for me. I didn’t connect with any of the characters and I found the main character Deidra very shallow and one dimensional. She doesn’t grow from book one to book two and I couldn't believe that she has lived over 100 years but still doesn't learn anything. She still can’t seem to come to grips with having to drink blood and for some reason she still just can’t believe that there are more vampires then just she. Mitch’s character is pretty typical. He is absolutely in love with Deidra and flies off the handle every time she speaks to another man. I found that I was able to guess who the bad guy was so in the end it wasn’t much of a revelation. Very PG-13 for the most part and just didn’t work for me.

Rating: 2 STARS-Alright


*Book was received free from publisher in hopes of an honest review. It has in no way influenced my review and my opinions are my own.