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Friday, July 22, 2011

Promo: Dark Territory by J. Gabriel Gates and Charlene Keel

Dark Territory, The Tracks Book 1

From Press Pack (provided by Kim Weiss)
In the quaint town of Middleburg, an abandoned train yard and old railroad tracks form the dividing line between two rival gangs - the wealthy, preppy Toppers and the working-class Flatliners. When Raphael, the leader of the Flatliners, falls in love with Aimee, a Topper girl, the rival gangs prepare to do battle...but not with guns and knives. Their martial arts training dictates a strict code of honor, which all of the gang members adhere to. The only hope for peace between the rival gangs lies within the giant X formed where the railroad tracks cross. The awesome power contained in the X sends the Flatliners and the Toppers on a mystical quest to fight against malevolent forces that threaten the existence of Middleburg - and maybe the world.

Introducing Dark Territory (HCI Books-$9.95), an adventure of star-crossed love, kung fu, and magic and the first book in The Tracks series. Written by J. Gabriel Gates and Charlene Keel, the series was conceived originally as a movie treatment after the two met on Craig's list when Keel answered an ad from Gates: "young author seeks mentor." Six years after collaborating on their movie idea, Keel suggested that it would make a good teen series and The Tracks was born.

Gates remarks about the book, "...the world the story takes place in is sort of a post-industrial, rust-belt place where the middle class is being marginalized until there really is no middle class, just the rich and the poor. I think that mirrors some of what's happening in American society, where a lot of good middle-class jobs are disappearing, and there's a lot of unease because of it. I think it's interesting and timely backdrop for a teen novel. After all, there are a lot of teenagers whose parents are laid off right now, or whose friends' parents are laid off. Literature should address that. The book really reflects a post-racial society that's divided along economic rather than racial lines, and it seems to me that that's where we're heading."

As Publisher's Weekly states, "The overall effect [of Dark Territory] is that of a summer action flick, with all the expected over-the-top situations, sequences and dialogue." Welcome, Ignacio, Aimee, Raphael, and Master Chin to the world of young adult fiction.

NOTE: A free app, wallpaper, ring tones, and posters are downloadable at: Next in The Tracks series is Ghost Crown, available in January 2012.

About the Author (from website)
Author J. Gabriel Gates is a native of Marshall, Michigan. The son of an English teacher, his passion for the written word began at a young age. During college, another passion – for performing – led him to get his B.A. degree in theater from Florida State University. 

During his years in Los Angeles, he appeared in a dozen national TV commercials and penned several screenplays while laying the groundwork for his career as a novelist. 

His first two novels are Dark Territory: The Tracks, book 1, which is scheduled for release July 1st, and The Sleepwalkers, coming October 3rd, both from HCI Books. 

He currently lives in Southwest Michigan.