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Monday, July 25, 2011

ARC Review: Sacred Evil by Heather Graham

Sacred Evil (Krewe of Hunters)Sacred Evil
Krewe of Hunters, Book 3
by Heather Graham
Available Tomorrow (July 26)
Published by Mira
Format: e-ARC
Source: Publisher via Netgalley

Has Jack the Ripper risen from the grave and continued his reign of terror but this time instead of the East End of London it is the East End of New York. Or has someone researched very meticulously and is now exacting his carefully laid plans to strike fear into the hearts of woman and show the NYPD what fools they are.

Jude Crosby, detective for the NYPD, is baffled by the latest murders and knows they need help solving this case. They seem to be linked and they don’t. The only thing in common right now that he can see is that it is all centering around the myth that Jack the Ripper came to America and reincarnated himself into a man named Jonathan Black and became head of the House of Spiritualism, a satanic church, continuing his murder spree. The director of the movie O’Leary believes that because they were filming on the site of the House of Spiritualism it has awakened the spirit of Jack the Ripper.

Whitney Tremont is the first of the Krewe of Hunters to arrive. She is set up in the historic Blair House right next door to where the House of Spiritualism once stood and is partnered with Jude Crosby to help in this investigation. Her background in film helps her with the questioning of the movie crew and her other talents lead to clues that no other investigator would know. 

The murders are escalating and every detail is so exact that the killer or killers somehow have inside information and skills that exceed all others. At times it seems that it could very well be someone close to them and Whitney could very well fit the profile of the Ripper’s last victim. 

Jude and Whitney’s affiliation starts out shaky but grows into respect and blossoms into love for each other. Among this budding relationship, New York is under siege from a madman (or ghost?) and the Krewe of Hunters must use all their skills before one of their own is found mutilated like the Ripper’s last victim.

Sacred Evil has the history blended with romance and a good ghost story that I love. The third installment of Ms. Graham’s Krewe of Hunters series is even better than the first two. At this rate I am guessing that The Evil Inside should be a very intriguing fourth installment of this extraordinary series. 








Marcie said...

This book sounds thrilling! I'll have to check it out.