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Monday, October 17, 2011

Embraced by Shadows Review and Giveaway

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Publisher: Twilight Times Books
Format: Review e-Copy
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The Grand Bazaar was bustling with locals and tourists, as it had always been on warm summer nights for the past few centuries.

The prologue introduces us to a mysterious vampire, Sadash, lurking in the shadows watching a girl with long red curls. We are instantly aware that he is mesmerized by this girl. Now twelve years later, Alana, who was the little red haired girl, is having strange and morbid dreams. Sometimes they are about a panther and other times about a creature caressing her with his long fingernail. Her best friend and roommate Valerie informs her that she is also sleepwalking. Alana knows she should be checked out but she is too busy with her new job as a restaurant manager at La Cueva del Vampiro, a new nightclub. This new job is just the stepping stone to her new life with Sadash who has been waiting patiently for Alana to grow up so that he can make her his for eternity.

Right away I will tell you this book was not the most exciting book that I have read. It has the typical brooding vampire and his obsession with a mortal woman. Of course he must turn her and now teach her the art of being a vampire but first she must discover certain truths that he cannot help her with. The uniqueness of Calvani’s vampires is an interesting aspect but I felt it feel short in the romance department. These vampires are not love-making machines; in fact it isn’t even possible for them. Calvani’s vampires are all about feelings. The feeling that they get from drinking blood is the same as they had made love. Even Sadash’s “love” for Alana isn’t love but instead a left over feeling from his love of his daughter, who looked like Alana.

Vampires never really leave their feelings behind in their mortal life; instead they become transferred onto others. Alana and Valerie’s friendship is a prominent theme throughout the book and is put to the ultimate test at the end. Because of their very tight bond; Alana is unable to leave her behind but she knows she doesn’t want Valerie to have to live this way. Valerie who seems very loveable at first has her own dark side that she has kept hidden from Alana. The mystery that surrounds Alana’s mother’s death did keep me reading the book and when all was revealed at the end it was a bit of a surprise but not a complete shocker.



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