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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Interview and Giveaway: Shirin Dubbin

Glitter Words
A big welcome back to Shirin Dubbin! It has been a great year chatting with Shirin about her upcoming release of Chaos Tryst. The day is finally here and Chaos Tryst was released this week by Carina Press. (My review HERE) Shirin took a few minutes in her busy schedule to answer a few questions and also she has a little giveaway for all of you...:D

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I'm a weird one. I love people and social events but am intensely private. Fashion and comic books share top billing on my favorites list; and I'm a reformed tomboy who can run in five inch heels—I know this because I have lots of godchildren, nieces and nephews. I'm tough to back down but horror flicks make me squeal like the proverbial stuck pig. I cry when I watch the news and if you have a secret no one will ever learn it from me. Art and culture fuel me but I could referee a basketball game. Yep, that's me...but only a small part.

Can you tell us about your book Chaos Tryst?
Chaos Tryst is the first book I've written that I've gone back to read for pleasure. I enjoy the story so much. Perhaps it's because Tryst is the first time I let my silly side loose. Plus, who can resist a chaos magic Goldilocks in a world populated by fables who's secretly in love with a bear-shifter—who does a mean tango. I certainly couldn't.

Who was the hardest character to write in Chaos Tryst?
Maks was difficult to balance because I wanted him to be surly and inscrutable yet accessible to the reader. I've heard varying reports on my success but for the most part people either adore Maks or are fascinated with finding out more about him. I like that.

What was your favorite part of the writing process of Chaos Tryst?
My favorite part was hearing my friends and editor's favorite parts as we went through the beta and editing processes. Andrea, my editor, included little notes on the things she enjoyed. One section in particular she said gave her chills. That meant so much to me.

Where did the idea of Chaos Tryst come from?
The inspiration came from a lot of places. Here's the recipe:
- 3 parts Japanese animation (anime) i.e. Fooly Cooly, Naruto, Tenchi Muyo
- 1 part HBO's Happily Every After: Fairy Tales For Every Child
- 1 part Fables comic book by Bill Willingham 
(the species Faeble, a blending of fae and fable, is an homage to Willingham)
- 1 part Instructions by Neil Gaiman (linked to the audio read by Neil himself)
- 2 parts FOX's So You Think You Can Dance

What is the most interesting comment you have received so far concerning Chaos Tryst?
There is a one-star review on Goodreads that's a particularly good time. I might have offended that reviewer with my silliness, but the first thing you learn as a published author is you can't be to everyone's taste; some won't "get" you. I appreciate honesty whether it's in my favor or not. Truthful critiques, sans venom, make me a better author and that's the goal.
The comment that is closest to the spirit in which I wrote the book is, "Frothy, funny fantasy with a ton of myth and humor. Very cute. Great read for a plane flight." ~ Marian Tworek 
I hope folks let loose and have fun with Chaos Tryst. I offer it as an escape.

Your main character, Ari Golde, seems to be an independent gal but when it comes to dealing with her parents she reverts back to being a teenager. Why is that? 
Ari's comes from an extremely close knit family. Her parents are her world and before Maks they were the only people she trusted. Add the fact her parents are ancient, able to crush her with a thought, and I think Ari knows it's best to humor them in the role of obedient daughter. There's another reason but it's part of Ari's development as a character... Also, dealing with Maks is undiscovered territory and the emotions he creates make her feel like a thirteen-year-old with a crush. In figuring out how to deal with this Ari leans more heavily on her mother.

Does Ari’s dad’s “traditions” come from being so old or is it because of the faeble world they live in?
Ari's father is a West African trickster god. He's a huge part of the foundation of that culture, thus he carries it with him and those are the rules he lives by. He believes the elders should be consulted in all things and when it comes to important decisions regarding his daughter it's best not to cross him—that is if you like breathing.

Where is this faeble world of Ari’s? Is it intermingled with the “human” world or is it on a different realm?
It takes place in a town called Faetteville, NC (a take on the name of the real town Fayetteville but more closely based on Winston-Salem, NC). The characters are very much grounded in the real world—they're our myths and legends. They have mobile phones, drive cars, and hangout at the local coffee shop. They're even into our culture. Ari and Maks learn they're fans of opera and both attended a performance of Rigoletto at the San Francisco Opera in the late 80s.

When you aren’t writing, what do you like to do?
When I'm home I like to spend time with loved ones, read and watch movies or cook. When I'm out I enjoy cultural and social events, horseback riding, comic and book conventions, and travel. Plus, I absolutely love to eat. Despite a slew of allergies, I'm a foodie so if there's a great new restaurant opening I'm there.

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Shirin is giving away to one (1) winner an e-copy of Chaos Tryst and a new version of her popular book Keeper of the Way (Aftermath Cleaners, Bk 1). Contest is International.



Crystal said...

This book sounds like SO much fun! I'm glad I came across your post on EHarlequin's community that sent me here to read more! :-)
I'm ALWAYS trying to find books that have ballroom or swing dancing in them.. so I can't wait to read this one!

erin said...

These books sound awesome!!!! I've had them on my wishlist for about a week now b/c they were recommended on another blog :) Now, after reading your post, I really want to read them!
Thanks again for the awesome post and giveaway!


Shirin Dubbin said...

@Crystal, I'm glad you found the link too! There's not a whole lot of dancing in Chaos Tryst but when it happens it's fun. I wonder if I can get Kelsey to concur...? I think I'm going to keep dancing as a running theme into the next story which will be about Maks' brother Dmitri.

Hi @Erin, Thanks for entering the contest! I'd luv to know where you heard about the books?

Kelsey said...

@Shirin- I concur! LOL..Can't wait to reading Dimitri's story...:D

roro said...

These books sound awesome!!Thanks again for the awesome post and giveaway!

Shirin Dubbin said...

@Kelsey, ^_^ It's funny how much reader's comments have added to the process of plotting the second book. Because of readers there will be more returner magic and more dancing!

@roro, Thanks!