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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: The Sleepwalkers by J. Gabriel Gates

The Sleepwalkers
By J. Gabriel Gates
Available Now
Publisher: HCI Teens
Format: Review e-Copy
Source: Netgalley

“Something in the ruins waits.”

Caleb has dreams of becoming a journalist. After graduation, he plans to travel to Africa to write about the AIDS crisis. Right away we see how grown-up Caleb is. His best friend Bean is the comic relief. The two together complement each other very well. Their future plans get put on hold when Caleb receives a letter from a childhood friend, Christine, in Hudsonville, FL. She asks for him to come to her. Caleb remembers the all the fun he and Christine and Christine’s twin sister Anne. Until the day Anne disappeared.

After arriving in Hudsonville, Bean is ready to turn back. He feels that the whole town is “dead” and the people that are there are acting mysteriously. They find that a lot of people have been disappearing and the law is not doing anything about it. Caleb also finds that his father has vanished leaving all his belongings behind. The mystery seems to center on the Dream Center that has set up shop behind Caleb’s childhood home. Christine is there and so it seems a lot of people are. Nightmares may be a normal phenomenon but in Hudsonville it is a one-way ticket into the Dream Center and once you’re in you never leave (or so you remember).

Now it is coming to an end. The Director of the Dream Center has brought Caleb here along with a man named Ron Bent to complete his ultimate goal. He has created sleepwalkers who are his own personal army. This is what nightmares are made of. Creepy, sleeping children that turn into rabid dogs bent on killing whatever is in their way. What is even more scary is the Director wears clown makeup!

Loved the classic horror story vibe that Gates brings. I found it very suitable for the YA horror genre. It definitely had me wishing I read it during the day instead of at night. This one will get you wondering what that scratching noise is at your window. Is it just a tree branch or has a sleepwalker come to take you away?


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ladystorm said...

I just started reading this one so I really hope it is super creepy!

Kelsey said...

It does ladystorm!