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Monday, November 21, 2011

Review + Giveaway: The Hunter by Theresa Meyers

The Hunter (The Legend Chronicles Book 1) 
By Theresa Meyers
Published: November 1, 2011
Publisher: Zebra Books
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher

“Aren’t you Cy Jackson’s boy?”

The Jackson brothers are considered the Chosen. Winchester, Remington and Colt were trained to hunt down supernatural beings. In the first book in this trilogy we are introduced to Colt Jackson, the youngest of the three brothers. Meyers starts the book with Colt’s first experience with a demon and right away we are shown the bravery inside of him. You also see that Colt has always felt left behind because his father tried to protect him from the world that his brothers were already deep into. Unfortunately, a demon took that choice away from Cy and he was forced to train his youngest to be a hunter like his brothers.

Now Colt only knows hunting and strives to live up to his father’s notorious reputation. He is an outlaw whereas his brothers have set up shop in respectable jobs and have turned their back on the hunting life. Colt feels it is his responsibility to find all the pieces to the Book of Legion before humanity perishes. To do this, he must pair up with a demon. The demon who shoes up is a feisty succubus, Lily, with an agenda of her own.

Lilly has been studying the legend looking for a way out of her bargain with Rathe (part vampire, part archangel and all demon lord) who made her a succubus after offering a deal to save her sister. Rathe has his own agenda, revenge, against Colt after he killed his baby girl (who was a vampire). Knowing that eventually Colt will succumb to Lilly’s advances, he sends her to help Colt find his piece of the Book.

Neither banked on falling in love and on this Indiana Jones adventure find that they will do anything to save each other’s life. Loved all the fun steampunk attributes of this book combined with a western theme. Marley Turlock was one of my favorite characters. He is the inventor that builds all the Jackson boys toys. The best one is Tempus, the mechanical horse, of Colts. If you love steampunk you will love The Hunter and will look forward to the next book and reading about another delicious Jackson brother!


Thanks to Kensington Books I have one copy of The Hunter to give to a lucky winner! Just fill out the rafflecopter form below (make sure the title of the form says The Hunter giveaway. If it doesn't just click the title of this post and the right form should come up).


Kerry P said...

Thank you for a great giveaway

Cassandra (The Book and Movie Dimension blogger) said...

Sounds really great. This Ruthe guy sounds bad.
Thanks for reviewing.