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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review: Unnatural (Archangel Academy) by Michael Griffo

Unnatural (The Archangel Academy, Book 1)
By Michael Griffo
Available Now
Publisher: Kensington
Format: e-book
Source: purchased personally

Outside, the earth was wet.

The main character, Michael Howard, has been dealing with not fitting in. In the beginning the reader is dropped right into Michael’s struggle with his sexuality. He is uncomfortable to be who he is in his current living situation. When his father arrives (after being absent his entire life) and offers to take him back to London where he can attend an all male academy, Michael is excited. Finally he can leave the small town and small minded people behind and enter a sophisticated world. After meeting Ronan, Michael knows this is where he belongs. Ronan is an outcast too. Not because he is gay but because he is a hybrid vampire. After some time passes, Michael starts to notice strange things happening around him but doesn’t want to come to terms with that and essentially puts blinders on. He wants to have his happily ever after with his new boyfriend but doesn’t see that his new boyfriend is something more unnatural. Now he must make a decision before it is made for him. Nakano, also a vampire but not a hybrid and also Ronan’s ex-boyfriend, wants to make Michael like him to help elevate his side.

I tried and really wanted to like this book but it feel short of my expectations. I was excited about trying a new genre (LGBT) and liked that it was mixed with my favorite subject (vampires). Unnatural just didn’t have what it took to keep my interest. I did finish but it was a bit of a struggle. One of the attributes of this book that didn’t work for me was the switching of POV’s. They come quickly throughout and caused confusion for me. At times I wasn’t sure who was talking or was thinking. The storyline was another part that didn’t work for me. It was a bit weak but the concept of a new hybrid vampire was an interesting aspect.


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