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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review: Hard Spell by Justin Gustainis

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Publisher: Angry Robot
Format: review e-copy
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This is the city-Scranton, Pennsylvania 

Scranton is a good place to raise a family with a “live and let unlive” relationship with its vampires, werewolves, ghouls, wizards and occasional demons. When the supernatural element gets out of control, Stan Markowski will be hot on their trail. American as a whole has been coming to terms with the supernaturals and it has been a bumpy ride. Scranton is a hotbed for the supernatural community because of all the intersecting ley lines. Markowski and his partner Paul di Napoli, as part of The Occult and Supernatural Crimes Investigation Unit, deals with meth-head goblins and others on a daily basis. Sometimes and it can go very wrong which it did one night and the result is Paul’s death.

Now Markowski is put with a newbi, Karl Renfer, and together they are out spelling zombies and crashing occult summoning rituals. On one such run, Renfer proves himself to Markowski by saving his life. Now, they must work together because there is a big bad spell being worked on from the Opus Mago and it involves five sacrifices and the body count is already climbing. When they try to have their local witch, Rachel Proctor, summon the wizard originally entrusted (and murdered) with the Opus Mago, the wizard possesses Rachel and is out for his own revenge against his torturer.

Loved the CSI/Supernatural old time detective theme. Markowski is a tough detective but as you learn more about him, you find out that he is a complicated man with mixed emotions about supernaturals (his daughter is a vampire). Storyline keeps moving and there are twists that keep the reader’s interest. Justin Gustainsis did a superb job in crafting all his characters and I look forward to reading Evil Dark when it is released. If you love a hard nose detective novel but want a mixture of the creature factor, Hard Spell is a good read for you.


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Evil Dark coming in 2012